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Uber - 77 Things
Designed by Jeremy Mickel under direction of Wolf Ollins and Uber Brand Experience Team.

© 2018 Uber Technologies Inc.

Written by Michael Gough with contributions
from Eric Schlakman, Erik Klimczak, and Roy West, with support from Christopher Starr, Dana Beatty, and Lori Mann.

Designed by Braz de Pina, Mason Field, and Chad Balanza, under the direction of Peter Markatos.

Design production by Lori Mann.

Composed in Adobe® InDesign®.

Set in Uber Move, a typeface created for Uber by Jeremy Mickel / MCKL. Move was inspired by the international language of transportation.

Printed in California with John Litster and Echelon Fine Printing on Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite
Eggshell cover and text.

Includes content and ideas from “57 Things” by Adobe Systems, © Adobe Systems 2011, written by Michael Gough with contributions by Shawn Cheris, Ethan Eismann, and Ty Lettau.


Still Photography: Katie Bernarding

Uber - 77 Things

Uber - 77 Things

In 2018, Uber launched its new brand positioning along with a complete new visualidentity system.  On this ocasion Michael Gough, Uber's head o Read More