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    A fun and silly flipbook about the expressions you feel at a museum!
Faces is a silly flipbook about museums, targeted at teens aged 13 to about 18. 
Based loosely on the vintage comic book style, but with a slight twist, the concept is exploring the different expressions and emotions at a museum, to show the teens that museums are fun, intriguing places, and not dusty old rooms. Therefore, the interactive flipbook allows them to read about the different emotions you can feel at a museum, with each emotion being linked to an exhibit. 
The book comes with an insert that explains more about each exhibit, the exhibitions they belong to, and the museums they are found in! This book features 3 museums— The National Museum, The Singapore Art Museum and the Peranakan Museum and 10 exhibits. All illustrations, photos and text (sans the insert-text) were created by me.
Project Module: Publication Design
Conceptualisation and Execution: 3 Weeks
Thanks for looking!