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    2011/2 - Saab 9-2 Personal project with the collaboration of Benjamin Baron for the 3D Modeling.

Saab cultivates its difference and incorporates it into his DNA. Brand of enthusiasts, Saab reborn today. That's why it needs a high series production with a entry model class entry to make a significant sales volume. SAAB 9-2 is the solution. Do not just make a premium competitor,  it’s making the SAAB for a wider public. It is an experience related to the look and driving pleasure. Natural strength, the Saab 9-2 is based on brand qualities, aeronautics and turbo muscle.
Skills : 

This personal project is a best-of of my scolar skills learned during these last five years. I learned a specific methodology at the Institut Supérieur de Design (Valenciennes, FRANCE) divided in three parts, analysis around the human specifications, creativity phase with a package validation, and the last one, improved during my internship at GM Europe, the development phase. 
Designer : Quentin Huber (myself)
Digital Designer : Benjamin Baron
Method :
1/ We built a 3D Model, with firstly just surfaces, like an architecture model to validate the proportions.
2/ Afterthat, we did first renderings on Keyshot, to validate the reflects, and put added details on Photoshop.
3/ We refined the 3D with lastest modelings of details, adjustment of lines, and did all the radius.
4/ Last phase, communication, with renderings of the car. 3Ds Max + V ray for the renders and Photoshop for  the post production.