The brief suggested the consideration of the concept of "coming together", much like the symbol of the ampersand connects sentences and words. Everyone had to engage and communicate with their peers, in order to work jointly and deliver their piece in time.
The zine was produced in 5 hours time, where 12 groups of creative designers came together in order to cooperate and develop teamwork and time management skills.
The 12th group, or design team, was responsible for designing the covers, as well as the layout of the zine in the last hour of the workshop. I was honored to be part of the design team because it was a position of responsibility, where the final outcome had to be delivered by the deadline.
The concept is very simple yet, in our opinion, effective. The idea of coming together is represented by using two completely different styles of ampersands and overlaying them. The outcome is the production of a third one due to the effect of 'Multiply' on the layer styles.
AmpersandBallpark Weiner'
Ampersand 'Helvetica Bold Oblique'
The title uses 'GeosansLight'.
Front cover.
In the first spread there is a simpe introduction and explanation of the goals and aims of this project. We also thought a small B&W ampersand, which corresponds to the front cover, on either of the lower sides would be a nice touch.
Back cover.
We came together and worked as a team of designers to produce this magazine and there is no doubt that we all benefited from this session. All of the work was very pleasing and inspiring to look at and we are glad that we were able to operate successfully under time pressure.