Not my first bouncing ball excersize, but one I enjoyed. With a neat little surprise at the end.
A flip card animation.
This was a flour sack exercise, with my own spin on it.
Heavy box exercise.
Jello the Movie!
Walk cycle of my friend's unique walk.
Trapped in a weird bubble. 
First lip syncing exercise. She does talk to random men. Do not believe what she says.
Another lip syncing exercise. He's MAD!
Made with one scanner and paper cut outs.
A short based on a memory from my childhood.
A break from my normal action packed material. The assignment for this class was to recreate a traidtional art piece with digital media. The characters and environment are heavily inspired by "The Sun and the Moon" by Elizabeth Murray. Enjoy.
A Deconstruction Stop Motion assignment. I used charcoal and paper and took constant shots of drawing and erasing.
"The Pool". 
Maybe a start to a mini series. This alien boy, clearly does not want to be stuck in school.
"The Forest of Good Health". One of my favorite projects due to how fast paced and action packed it is.