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    This one is my final work to turn into professional graphical designer.
This one is my final work to turn into professional graphical designer.

The product: digital mobile Encyclopedia, with the aptitude to offer vast reliable information (texts, images, videoes) about diverse subject matters, without connection to Internet, by means of a simple and easy search. For fault, it brings loaded a multithematic widespread, like that encyclopedia also the information can adapt to the interests and needs of the user across cards exchangeable SD of specific contents, like a student, a lawyer, a doctor or any other professional. With double screen touch, it offers a comfortable and sophisticated managing. It is light and for his size and form, fits in any pocket.

It thinks about the ecology, so replacing to the big quantities of volumes of printed encyclopedias, it helps to diminish the use of paper, with all the environmental pertinent benefits.

Verbal Brand: The apocope "logped" (logos: reason to think / encyclopedia: it assembles and spreads specialized or dispersed information that might not be found by facility and that present an important service to the modern culture) it synthesizes in verbal / sonorous form, the personality of a technological and young product . It is easy in his pronunciation (so much in English like in Spanish, it sounds always equally) and to remember. It recites the presentation of knowledge provided by the product and manages to mention the
item of managerial.

Visual Brand: The brand presents simple and rounded forms; giving it the young and distinguished sensation. With an inclination of 10º there is contributed dynamism and the idea of technology and rapidity of access to information. This turns it into an attractive, energetic and lasting brand. Contemporary, but not to the mode. His basic color is the black, defines the modern and serious of the product. But this way also in the different applications, it will be able to change color with the tone of the message being able to mutate as be necessary. Thanks to his synthesis, it allows the implementation in very small forms, adducing sensitivity
and exclusivity.

For the systematizing of the brand the quality was born in mind of logped of company / product, and also to the supports that the system will be destined. The image was defined in two groups, differentiating them according to the needs and for whom are destined.

Company: The purpose of the identity of the company is to establish to logped as a young and distinguished brand, which is interested in the satisfaction so much of clients as employees. In the different supports, phrases are in use in a nice record, in order to achieve in the spectator a sensation of well-being and connection with the brand from the emotive thing. There was established a plot that acts as directive of the spaces, with his inclination of 10º accompanies to the brand and offers dynamism in all the applications. It helps in addition to the union of the supports escaping of the literal thing, since with the minimalism it is present in the space but does not monopolize it.

The identity of the image of the product corresponds to the personality of the same one and of his potential users. The pieces as the first instance, have the object to surprise and thrill. They are reflected in the system, the luxury, the new thing, the young thing and the personal thing. Graphical components of the company are kept, as being the plot and the typography, which establish the systemic connection between company / product and contribute the option of variables.

Creative strategy:

1 (Presentation Logped): it's protagonist the explosion of light and color, which develops of the product representing the multiplicity of possibilities of knowledge. It contributes dynamism and an illusion of movement, since it is a technological product that it will be evolving constant. The text: "It Discovers the new mobile encyclopedia, it discovers logped" it determines the nice record of the communication between company / spectator, and it tries to name briefly to the product and his functions, beside revealing his name / brand. The slogan, which will repeat itself in other notices: "Now to know and to remember, it is easier", to help to close the idea and to try to remain in the mind of the spectator since it continues in the same record and is easy to remember, to be simple and to possess an intimate union with the product
and his possibilities.

2 (Exchangeable Subject matters): The first thing is the text: "It Illuminates your logped, it extends your possibilities". Continuing with the idea of light, "to "illuminate" it alludes to the customization of contents. To returning more intelligent to the product with the own tastes / needs using of the multiple cards exchangeable SD. The second component, it is the image of an area ignited by brilliant colors that affirms the idea of knowledge united in an one product. Finally, they emerge possibilities of customización in the shape of memories SD with his respective names, demonstrating this way the extent of possibilities. The typography and the forms associated with the system, evoke the image of the brand, this way then there is fluid the connection that the spectator establishes between message / product / company.