Art Direction and design  Alexandra Antunes

Önskefoto, the leading photo brand in Sweden and part of the albelli family of brands, provides customers with great quality photo books, calendars, canvas prints and much more.
To celebrate their 40 years milestone, an identity was created and used together with the logo - acting as a stamp - or independently, to fully commit to the celebration.
The main goal for this campaign and identity was to strengthen the heritage that brand has fomented for the past 40 years, and give the customers the chance to be involved in the celebrations, by participating in competitions or to honour their loyalty.

Alongside with the final proposal, two other options were created:

option 1 - ruby / geometric / modern
option 2 - heritage / kubrits / folk art
Selected option - love / celebration / minimal

logo application guidelines
This option was selected for its simplicity and love message that the brand wanted to convey to their customers.
pattern created based on the logo

Application in print - flyer

Branding the homepage and other digital applications

During the year, the logo with the anniversary identity was used throughout the full website. The pattern was used as a background in a lighter warmer tone, and as part of the identity package a sticker for the promo was created with the same look and feel.

The anniversary campaign started with the release of the new TV commercial, for which was developed product shots, such as the photo book in this banner, with stills from the commercial, this way maintaining consistency with the main brand.  

For the social media channels, an header with the anniversary identity was created to be used during the anniversary month, rotating with other social activations, such as promotions, competitions, etc..

Display banner.