Project year : 2018
 Project area : 40 m2
 Location : Uzhgorod, Ukraine
 in cooperation with ZYX studio
ph : Mihail Melnichenko
 People rarely think about a person in the interior. This object is interesting because the owner of the office is it's main element. Applying the method with monochrome colors, we emphasized the special features of the customer and scenarios in the space that will fill it.
It is this concept that formed the basis of the construction of travel agency interior. The customer's request was to create a laconic and elegant office, place a cozy corner for reception of guests, comfortable work places for 4 people, find a place for a small kitchen, a lounge area for a cup of coffee and, of course, a bathroom - everything in the area of 40m2 only.
  Almost all interior elements are made customly and have their own history. Starting from tables with brass legs, ending with the search for a cactus in the most unusual way. Natural materials, warm lighting, greens and unobtrusive decor are harmoniously balanced for the comfortable stay of the workers and visitors to choose maybe the most unforgettable journey in their lives. Less words, rather visit and appreciate our design and high customer service.
Travel agency office