I enjoy looking through old photos, so I thought I would select a few and give you the opportunity to Caption and Comment on them. I've included a little history of the photos when I could find it.
Be sure to refresh the page after you enter you captions so you can vote for you own caption!

It's amazing the humorous situations a bird can find himself or herself in. I've found some pictures of birds that are just begging to be captioned. It's all about the birds, so be a pal and put some bird words in their mouths or maybe explain just how they got into the situation they find themselves in. You can't help but giggle when you see these pictures---and you want to giggle because of some funny thoughts or words that came to mind when you saw it. So, share with us what you're thinking. Look at these two birds and begin. We all need a good laugh!
Our funny, feathered friends are waiting. Remember, the caption is yours!
We have a large wren house on a pole that gets heavy with vines during the summer. There are many rooms in the house, but last year I think only two were occupied.
I didn't realize how noisy wrens can be until one decided to sit on the back of a patio chair, right outside the patio doors, and looking toward the windows, would proceed with what sounded like, scolding us.
Maybe he could see his reflection off the window and was scolding that "other bird." He went through this ritual a number of times last year.
I hope he comes back this next year because it was quite entertaining. It always amazes me how watching birds feed on a feeder can capture and hold my attention. Kind of like watching snow fall, but not so cold.