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    Infographics for Sweetrush new web-site
This is a series of infographics i created with the Sweetrush creative team. They re-designed their brand, and want to create a new website, inside of it, a bunch of infographics to explain how things works inside Sweetrush.
I was honored with some of them, i really enjoy it, taking the information and adding a little bit more to make them more interesting, this new brand is very funny, colorful and sweet too!
Had a great time with the team creationg all of this, also, the coolest part, all of this animated and created in HTML5, changes from them just make each infographic better. Hope you all like this work! If you want to see them working, explore the new Sweetrush website! 
This one is interactive when you scroll the page down in the site, here you can
see a image, you can see it working HERE
You can see this working HERE
You can see this working HERE
You can see this working HERE
You can see this working HERE
This one is very complex and BIG! Please if you want to see this working see it HERE
I just add the illustration, you can see this fully working HERE