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99designs showcase: TikaDesign

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Designs by Heloisa Helena

Heloisa, aka TikaDesign, is one of 99designs top packaging and illustration wizards. Her love for art and music shines through in every one of her projects, while her attention to detail and unique approach to design keeps clients coming back for more. Scroll to see a collection of her best projects, then reach out to her when you need a creative collaborator or great design done.

Fun Club
Fun Club's offering includes offensive birthday cards, bachelorette party gifts, adult birthday party decorations, rude valentines cards, stationary and tons of balloons. Heloisa designed a logo and identity that's loud, fun and colorful to match this brand's quirky vibes.

Levitate Candles
A bespoke brushstroke print adorns this packaging for candle company Levitate.

We Roam
More patterns, this time for an Australia-based children's apparel and lifestyle brand.

Meraki is a party experience for techno-lovers. Heloisa's magical hand-drawn illustration invites partiers to bring on the night.
99designs showcase: TikaDesign

99designs showcase: TikaDesign

Heloisa Helena is TikaDesign, a packaging and illustration designer with a love for art and music. She's a pro at labels, logos, patterns and eve Read More