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Farmi kalender 2018

Farmi Calendar 2018
These illustrations were created for an Estonian dairy company Farmi. Their products came part of our everyday lives. Every month in the calendar characterises into something else in our lives, but it is always there. Farmi is bigger than life.

Agency: Newton 
Copywriter: Anti Naulainen
Illustrations, Design: Pauline Marie Korp
January – a yoghurt turns into a UFO
February – Estonian Independence Day. Kama is a national food.
March – skiing in cream cheese
April – Church symbolises Easter and a sacred time where its popular to go to Church
June – a summers day by the beach huts.
July – dive into the depths of flavour.
August – a storm in your heart!
September – time to go to school
October – fly to holidays season
November – autumn is tasty
December – a cream cheese Christmas tree
Farmi kalender 2018

Farmi kalender 2018

A calendar full on illustrations created for one of the leading dairy companies in Estonia. We added their products into our daily life. Farmi is Read More