Nature Knows
The theme of the Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Grand Ceremony is ‘Understanding Nature: The Path to Sustainability’. The key to a user-friendly and natural approach lies in nature itself; that is, sustainability. This Golden Pin Design Award event conveys the wisdom of Asia’s harmonious co-existence with nature since ancient times, unearthing design ideals centered on people and the environment.
In contrast with last year's video, this year’s video to the Golden Pin Design Award ceremony is colorful and up lifting. It reflects the importance of cycles in nature, and sustainability in design. Designers must address environmental issue and incorporate sustainability into their work.
Is this human’s collective destiny 
Or the crisis from design
During the design process, in terms of visual design, I chose to present the rich resources of the earth in colorful and lively directions and set the juries into the environment to talk about things between nature and people. Overall, it was a very special experience to work on this project.
Do you follow the ‘The Path of Nature’ in any of your designs?
Could you briefly discuss your observations on the trends of “perpetual designs?”
Is perpetual sustainability a restriction or creative opportunity for design?
Behind the Scene
We have a responsibility towards stewardship of the environment,
and the use of materials that we have, and how we're going to create things.

Directed by Bito
Client: 台灣創意設計中心 Taiwan Design Center
Creative Director:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu 
Art Director:劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu 
Producer : 劉妤暄 Tammy Liu 
Account Manager:彭乃芸 Naiyun Peng
Ideation:徐佳 Chya Hsu / 劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu
Storyboard:徐佳 Chya Hsu / 郭怡辰 Yi-Chen Kuo
Illustration:徐佳 Chya Hsu
Design: 劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu / 黃鈺凱 Steve Huang / 郭怡辰 Yi-Chen Kuo
Animation Lead:黃鈺凱 Steve Huang
Editing:劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu / 黃鈺凱 Steve Huang
Animation:黃鈺凱 Steve Huang 
Cel Animation:呂秉真 Binbin Lu
Painting:王璿甯Hsuan-Nin Wang / 唐以廷 Yi-Ting Tang
Subtitle:蔡易廷 Eating Tsai
Copy Director:黃心怡 Vicki Huang
Filming Crew:
Director:劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu
Producers : 朱庭瑄 Anne Chu / 陳中誠 Allen Chen
Director of Photography:劉書銓 Shane Liu
Second Camera:范勇志 Yun-Chih Fan
Lighting : 林宏洋 Hong-Yang Lin
Lighting Assistants:許原毓 Yuan-Yu Hsu / 鄭智遠 Chih-Yuan Cheng
Make Up:謝淑君 Vivi Hsieh / 周瓊雅 Chiung-Ya Chou
Boom Operator:猴子電男孩影藝有限公司 Monkey Boys Club
Interview Host:徐佳 Chya Hsu / 郭怡辰 Yi-Chen Kuo
Interviewee:Ad van Berlo / Chris Lee / Ed Bakos / 佐藤可士和 Kashiwa Sato / 官政能 Cheng-Neng Kuan / 林小乙 Xiao-Yi Lin / 張光民 Tony K.M. Chang / 張鐵志 Tieh-Chih Chang / 陳禧冠 Shikuan Chen
Music & Sound Design : 韓承燁 Cheng-Yeh Han
Audio Mixing:傳翼錄音製作 Pixelfly Digital Sound
Nature Knows