[W illustration by Jing Zhang jing@mazakii.com]
            It starts with us.  It starts with you, it starts with me, it starts with everyone who wakes up and heads to work.  But it spreads oh so much further than that.  Today let’s live well, let’s make better choices, let’s make bigger changes and today let’s start this revolution within our workplace.  Let’s put together the pieces of the puzzle; let’s make work work for us.
            We’re sitting on an average of 2,000 hours per year of potential here.  2,000 hours working—’the grind’ is a integral part of our lives and the lasting toll that work can take on our overall health is profound. With the number of chronic diseases inflating the decline of our health at large cannot be overlooked. The social impact and financial burden of these facts hangs heavy on our community’s small and large.
What’s our plan?  Harvesting healthy communities within the workplace to promote a system of positive change and relevant solutions onto interconnected networks by empowering people in preventative practices.  This is a holistic solution for the chair sentenced... the desk bound... the office rats.
Let’s start with an app.  You create a profile within your company profile; …think Fantasy Football meets LinkedIn for your overall wellness.
Users are empowered by a point system built around harvesting healthy communities with preventative practices and healthy initiatives.  Activities that promote wellness…like working outside, giving up smoking, taking up exercise…all earn you and you’re company points.  These points maintain your wellness levels—monitored weekly, monthly and annually—and serve as incentives to win personal and professional rewards.
…Cue the friendly competition.  Rewards and Recognition spark employees to reach their full potential.  Here’s where the epidemic starts.  You follow co-workers, community members, business associates or business competitors just like on any other social media.  This can spread within your family, workplace, immediate community, industry or regionally all while promoting a healthier lifestyle and prompting a new string of networking. 
When your company obtains a certain amount of points they will not only win the rewards provided by our network of sponsors with relative products and services but your company, and yourself, can earn accreditation of Workplace Wellness and brand recognition. 
Let’s cultivate tools for employees to adopt a better lifestyle.  Let’s instill a system of positive change.  Let’s empower ourselves, let’s invest in our health, in our lives, in our community.  Let’s start now because we hold the power in the palms of our hands.