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    A poster designed for a gig that my band is playing at...
This is a poster I designed for a gig i'm playing at near the summer with my college band 'Battle Cat' (the name's an in-joke) I made it all on an online photo editing site called Pixlr, then when i was putting it on Word so it could be printed I found out they have a bunch of cool image editing tools so i added the scratched look over the top.
The next images are all different effects that i thought were pretty cool. I was going to upload the poster with different colour palettes but they didn't save properly for whatever reason.
I thought this last one looked cool, as if i sketched out a rough idea of what i wanted it to look like.
After the gig I'll upload what the tickets look like. I didn't want to upload it now incase they were used to print forges... though I doubt anyone would be that desperate.
A new poster design for another gig I have this month at the Colchester Institute later this month, it's gonna be sweet!