• How to travel through time
    A design study on reality and fiction in the context of time traveling
  • The possibility of traveling through time has fascinated and preoccupied mankind for many decades. It is not just the success of novels and movies that reflect the interest in this phenomenon. Several observations and methods have been drawn up – Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity being the precondition for the majority of these thoughts.
    On the assumption that traveling through time is possible, we began researching the present attitude towards this complex topic in our society. We started with an online survey, personal interviews with a selection of people followed. Sketches of how they imagined the actual traveling were a considerable part of the interview.
    Ultimately we decided to compare the fictional thoughts from the interviews with the actual methods drawn up by scientists. Our research and concept resulted in the study How to travel through time along with the Encyclopedia on the general comprehension of terms concerning travel through time.
    designed with Tanja Kapahnke at Berlin University of the Arts, 2011