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Southern Lapwing Color 3
Images produced without manipulation (DSLR Camera, Canon). They are part of the project entitled "Southern Lapwing". It comes from an erased clue in James Joyce's Ulyssesthat kindled to me the image of a till then forgotten familiar animal, a Loplop. The recognition got tied up with my own attempt to build certainly not an original but an originary place, perceived through exile and at the same time concretely habitable. The place is at the interface of fiction, reality and the disarticulation of memory; between writing and iconography. It has to do with the suggestion of an unprecedented possibility of interpolarization, mutual inversion of opposites, the discovery of identities, not to speak of authenticity, in differences, estrangements, and alia. A trip to the hinterland as the region of the outside. The second picture is called "Paisagem" [Landscape]. How to specify the size of a landscape without the help of a framing? When the alignment of elements is subverted in the virtuality of the angles of capture? What comes from above is translated through the reflection of what lies below. Past precipitates beyond the present. The last picture is called "Bright Phantom," and was published by Maria Estela Guedes in Revista Triplov
Southern Lapwing Color 3