Exhibitions and others
Cartoon Rendon festival is an international cartoon festival .
I have got selected as an exhibitor for its 26 edition . I sent my cartoon on free theme and New world theme .SELECTED WORKS ARE EXHIBITED IN VARIOUS MUNICIPALITIES OF THE ANTIOQUEÑO EAST .
THE AWARD WILL BE CARRIED OUT ON NOVEMBER 13 AT THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF THE EAST IN THE CITY OF RIONEGRO ANTIOQUIA. 108 cartoonist of 35 countries have been selected for this festival . The respectful memory of The emperor of cartooning Ricardo Rendon Bravo , this festival is happening for 26 years with the participation of great cartoonists of international level . I am feeling respected for being selected for this festival .
Thank you to the jury of 26 th Cartoon Rendon festival to selected me .

Tribute to Mad Cartoon Exhibition 2019

My cartoon at " Tribute to Mad Cartoon Exhibition ", This exhibition was organized by Satire Magazine Unmad . Famous Satire magazine " Mad " has stooped publishing recently in magazine format,We submitted cartoons to this exhibition to show respect to mad .
The First International Cartoonists Festival Ferizaj 2019, Kosovo
My cartoon "Thirsty Writer" is currently Exhibiting in Kosovo.
My theme was: Fulfillment will not come if the time passed .
"HITHI" organized by the association cartoonist Ferizaj
Cartoon Exhibition The First International Cartoonists Festival Ferizaj 2019, Kosovo
It started on May 10, 2019 in Kosovo's Ferizaj district . 

there are 1345 cartoons from 316 authors. 80 of them has been selected
 for the exhibition. I am thankful to "HITHI" and the jury board for choosing my cartoon.

Interview at " Maasranga TV "." Ranga shokal"
I have been invited as a guest at " Maasranga tv " to talk about my cartooning ,Cartooning in Bangladesh and something about my life . Interview could be seen in youtube 

Certificate from
Euro - Kartoenale Kruishoutem-Belgium
2nd Cebu Lampoon Festival 2019
I have got a chance to exhibit my cartoon " Charity " in this exhibition . Cebu Lampoon Festival is an annual international cartoon exhibition based in Cebu City, Philippines organized by Yoyoy Satiristang Bisaya.
Opening 16 march  exhibition ends at 22 march 2019.
1st Welt Heimat International Cartoon Contest 2019
" 1st Welt Heimat International Cartoon Contest 2019 " has made a primary selection for 150 cartoons to Exhibition and catalog. It is a great achievement for me to take part  in an international exhibition. 

FemiToon 2018
Recently i participated an exhibitionby femitoon .  ActionAid Bangladesh has recognized that cartoon is a key element in contemporary social activism and a communication tool that can spread a key message across. Because Cartoon as an essential form of art has always been a medium to express ideas to shape and reinforce peoples’ mindset or perception about different issues or events taken place in many countries. The relationship between cartoon/art and protest is a longstanding one.

certificate from Femitoon. Cartoonist Ahsan habib ,Cartoonist Shishir vottacharjo and other respectable persons were in the stage.
We have seen cartoonists using cartoon as an instrument in revealing injustice, discrimination, violence, and suffering in different times, in different places, for different reasons--starting from Picasso in 1900s in Europe to Kais Al-Hilali, in 2000s in Africa. Even in Bangladesh, cartoon has always been an important tool to reach out to civilians and to gain their support during socio-political movements, be it the democratic movement in the 1990s or the very recent students’ protest for safe roads.
Until recently, ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) has been using research, studies, statistics and position papers as tools to raise their voice against and make people aware of different inequalities and discrepancies. But through those instruments, AAB could only reach certain segments of the society that are mostly educated, aware and less vulnerable. But our goal is to touch the lives of the most marginalized communities and create a just & inclusive society. That is why in recent times, we started to integrate innovative campaign ideas along with the more traditional ones to better communicate our messages with our programme participants, stakeholders, duty bearers and with the mass audience. For example, lately, ActionAid Bangladesh organized a photography exhibition on Rohingya Exodus and Unpaid Care Work and a sports event for a campaign against Gender-Based Violence. The success of those campaigns in reaching our goals inspired us, even more, to come up with fresh campaign ideas and #FemiToon is another innovation along the way.
Think Global, Act Local 2016
My art work for the exhibition.
Other members and Cartoonist Ahsan Habib.
TIB Transparency International Cartoon
Exhibition 2013
TIB Transparency International Bangladesh arranges an cartoon exhibition every year . I participated that exhibition at 2013
I didn't collected those photos in the exhibition.
Exhibitions and others

Exhibitions and others

FemiToon ActionAid Bangladesh has recognized that cartoon is a key element in contemporary social activism and a communication tool that can spre Read More

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