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    Illustrating urban folklore originating in Singapore
Designing for cultural preservation

In the face of globalisation, a fast expanding economic growth and rapid urban development in an increasingly media-savvy society - many aspects of our culture, from language, customs to stories and crafts, have undergone tremendous change and modifications. There is a need to preserve these layers of culture. 
Whether it is an old tale or an urban myth, stories are deeply embedded with regional culture.
This project aims at preserving urban stories of Singapore.
The narrative illustrates urban folklore originating in Singapore. Rumour has it that a female undergraduate drowned in a river at the Nanyang Technological University and her spirit still haunts the dorms. 
Ink / Watercolor
The curtains part.
In the dark hall, the audience take their seats and the show begins.
Four students, sitting around in their room, discuss the ghost girl that is rumoured to have been seen lurking around campus.
They decide to use their old ouija board to try and summon the ghost girl.
They use the planchette on the ouija board to try and speak to the ghost girl
One of students wonders if its true. 'Do ghosts even exist?' he thinks.
He thinks about the girl and what happened to her.
Staring out the window he remembers the girl, Felin. 
Felin used to study at this university. Like him she was just another resident at this dorm.
She used to roam around the scenic campus, carefree and happy.
Felin loved strolling around the outskirts of the campus, by the beautiful old lamp post, the trees and the river.
The wooden swing by the river was her favorite. Sitting there she would recollect her thoughts and feel the wind in her hair.
Felin could hear the calm of the water, the rustling leaves and the creaking hinges of the old swing.
Back and forth and back and forth and before she realized the hinges were screeching.
That unfateful night, she fell off the swing and into the river.
The Hall 2 student resident, disappeared that night. She drowned in the river and died.  
The students finally gave up on the ouija board and decided to go to bed.
Little did they know, that every night, Felin slept in that room with them.
The end.
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