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DE&DE/Beauty salon “Tricky mechanics”
Tricky mechanics

The salon is located in the rapidly developing neighbourhood in Saint-Petersburg on Petrogradskiy island.

“Tricky mechanics” brand is already well known at the beauty industry, however the owners made a decision to change completely the whole interior concept. So we were lucky to get carte blanche for the idea of the future interior design.

Searching for the right concept we were inspired by tropical theme. What can be more relaxing and exciting at the same time as the dreams of vacation time?

As a result, we created a light and bright interior design in monochrome palette with juicy accents of pink and aquamarine. The dominant design spots are reception and café desks, which are covered with stylish triangle “Equipe” tiles. Colorful wallpapers by “Wall&Deco” decorate walls. Light transparent walls in framed by black metal zone the space.
DE&DE/Beauty salon “Tricky mechanics”