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  • This is a small motion test for my newly developed 3D illustration style for my last project, Graphical
    And, at the same time, it works as a teaser for many upcoming projects with this new style
    Music and sound design - Echoic -
  • Graphical, 3D illustrations, an exercise of :
    Graphic design
    3D modeling
    Update !!!
    Download the AK 47 and Skull models for FREE. Links at the end of the project
    Its been quite some time since i published a new personal project. Lately ive been working on a lot of projects, all of them related to motion graphics, and i love it, but this one is different. 
    I started as a graphic designer, then i moved to motion graphics, and when i needed something more challenging, i started working with 3D software. The base is there, graphic design. As some of you may have noticed, i like to incorporate graphic design in my motion graphics, motion in my CG, and this time, i wanted to use my 3D artist knowledge for graphic design.
    Graphical, is a project that consists of illustrations which have been rendered in Cinema4D completely. All in 3D, but with a graphical look.
    At the same time, it is also an exercise of 3D modeling, i modeled all the objects in these renders. It took me a lot more time to model all these objects than to actually render them, but this is how its done. I think its wrong to download an 3D model, put a shiny material hit render and then call it your work. Also i had the pleasure to experiment and play with color in this project.
    I hope you enjoy seeing this project as much as i enjoyed creating it.
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • AK - 47
  • Skull
  • Electric guitar
  • Big John - Locomotive
    First test renders
    3D models - Wireframe 
  • Great news everyone. In association with Joren from, i decided to give way 2 of the models used here for FREE. These models are the AK 47 and the skull, which comes in various version of detail. I hope you guys enjoy these models...
    Download link :