Personal projects 2017-2018
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The Last Romantic

This is not about an exact person, no. I think the last romantic is in each of us, just not in everyone he is awake and lives life to the full. In this case, by romance I mean some feelings, interests and hobbies that come from childhood or adolescence and make you sincerely smile and enjoy your life, warm your heart and help to move on. Even when it seems that there is nothing of the kind and your life is full of routine, if you think well, you will find or recall your outlet.
For me such a romance is primarily drawing. It supports me even when I start doubting about it.

The Customs Man Has Cleared It

My new graphics is again devoted to the topic of importance and inevitable finiteness of time. Being born, we start our time on the only path leading to the finish. The time, like a snail, slowly but surely crawls to the abyss. At times, the movement seems to stop or it is almost not visible, but the process is ongoing. According to experienced people, with age, the snails speed up and break into a trot — they strive to finish. Then it becomes clear that each of us has a limited number of snails and they will not crawl backwards. In my opinion, it is important to use your time in a sensible way so that when you reach the finish line, you do not regret the wasted years and something you could have done. It is better to think about it while time is still crawling like a snail, because nobody knows whether there will be new starts or in the end, there is just a black abyss.

Common Sense

Personality Formation
It is inevitable for every human being to go through the process of the formation of personality. The process is an essential part of human development, and its success depends largely on inborn bio-data and social environment. Everybody has different combination of those factors, and some people are luckier than the others. What matter is how to use what you have got, how much efforts to put and how effective they are. In reality, it is a very difficult task. By far not everyone manages to become a complete person, and only very few grow into men of great mark who stand out from the crowd, have their own opinion and principles and aspire to self-development and improvement of the world around. In my opinion, we all should strive to get near to such persons, try to become better than we were yesterday and not only wish, but act.

Travel Birds

Everybody likes to travel. The birds go to exotic countries for relaxation. The clever birds prefer to use savvy rather than muscles.


The comercial work for the biggest Austrian advertising agency Reichl und Partner Werbeagentur GmbH.

Bread and Circuses

This expression was created more than two thousand years ago. It is still actual today, just the quantity of meals has increased and shows have become more spectacular.

The Pursuit Of Success

I think most people at least once dreamed to become successful, to be the best in their fields. Not all pass from dream to real actions. Many people leave the race before reaching the finish line due to various circumstances, personal qualities and principles. Some people understand in process that they are chasing in wrong direction and start anew. In our time, speed and rules change every day. People continue to dream when they look at more successful ones. True, now the minority dreams and strives to become Chaikovsky or Michelangelo, to be an outstanding original Person. Now, it seems to me, many people want to become simply successful, if it is possible without efforts. Success is measured by popularity, recognizability, money and the number of views on YouTube. Now the age of chasing after your piece of glory, at least a couple of minutes.

Several Untitled Illustrations

Fox in Apricots

This illustration is dedicated to my lovely wife.

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Personal projects 2017-2018

Personal projects 2017-2018

Personal projects. Set of big detailed hand drawn illustrations 2017-2018. Materials I use: ink, paper, Photoshop, Wacom Intuos.


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