10 - Healthy Sandwich Recipes at Mumbai Square

Caprese sandwich

With the traditional caprese you have to pay a little attention because of the pesto. That is often not so healthy, with lots of salt and oil. Fortunately, you can easily make it yourself. That is also the time to add extra vegetables: for example, spinach pesto is delicious. Continue with some slices of mozzarella and tasty tomatoes.

Sandwich grilled chicken and avocado

Chicken fillet is a good low-fat supplier of proteins, and avocado fills the fats long. The ideal combination, so! If you want more protein, you can also add a boiled egg. Furthermore, a spoonful of sambal is the perfect extra ingredient for those who like a spicy sandwich. Also you may visit Mumbai Square as well for more ideas.

Sandwich pumpkin and mozzarella

This may seem like a crazy combination, but in the autumn a pumpkin sandwich cannot be missed! Slices of soft pumpkin or a spoon of pumpkin puree go perfectly with the soft taste of mozzarella. Add some sage leaves to complete the sandwich.

Sandwich goat cheese and tomato

Goat cheese is traditionally eaten with walnuts and honey. The version with sundried tomatoes is also delicious! You can also dry those tomatoes yourself if you have an oven: that saves you some added salt and sugar from the jars in the supermarket.

Sandwich nut paste and banana

Do you feel like something sweet, but do you want to keep it healthy? Nut paste is your friend. The healthy fats make it a great choice! You can combine it with banana for a traditional combination, but also apple does, for example, excellent.

Sandwich huttenkase and grilled vegetables

Huttenkase is actually perfect with everything, and that is why you can also use a large amount of vegetables! If you're in a hurry, use ready-made grilled vegetables, or of course just the leftovers from the previous evening. Raw food also does an excellent job with huttenkase.

Sandwich hummus and sprouts

Hummus is made from chickpeas, which makes it an ideal way to get your weekly portion of legumes. A delicious combination is with sprout vegetables such as watercress and alfalfa. For extra fiber and vitamins, you can of course also add grilled vegetables here.

Bun falafel

Also tasty with chickpeas: falafel. Preferably homemade, of course, because that saves you a lot of salt and other flavors and Good ready-made falafel is also just an option. Serve, for example, with raw vegetables and a spicy tzatziki.

Sandwich with farmers omelette

Omelettes are not only delicious high protein, you can also fill them. With vegetables, for example, or with mushrooms, such a sturdy farmer's omelet is the ideal base for a sandwich that you can advance for a whole afternoon. An extra slice of ham provides even more protein.

Sandwich cheese and avocado

If your regular sandwich cheese starts to become boring, some slices of avocado are a good addition. Note that it will quickly become an energy-rich sandwich, thanks to all fats. An extra hand of spinach is just another step to get your daily target of vegetables.

Tuna salad sandwich

You can easily make tuna salad yourself with a can of tuna, some yogurt, a little bit of mayonnaise and herbs of your choice. Of course there is also enough to add. Capers for a fresh accent, for example, or of course raw vegetables, leaves of lettuce and other vegetables

Sandwich roast beef

Roast beef is delicious in itself, especially with lots of black pepper. You can also combine it with a large hand spicy rocket salad for some extra green in your menu. A spoonful of pine nuts makes an extra luxurious sandwich.
Mumbai Square

Mumbai Square


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