Nguyen Phu Hai

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  • Digital Branding / Self Promotion / 2012
  • As a designer who is so proud of being a Vietnamese, I tend to transport the Vietnamese essence to my every design elements.

    At first glance there is the full name of me - Nguyen Phu Hai, which was shortened into Ng. Phu Hai since ‘Nguyen’ is the well-known first name of Vietnamese, accompanying with the diacritics that are exclusive for Vietnamese ( ~ | ‘ | ? ). The diacritics were symbolized in a grid system that was further used in other visual elements.

    The logo is finalized by wrapping the full name and diacritics inside a square box, which is only used in white background and colored in black.
  • The brand is further expanded into website and stationery. The website is fully responsive with mobile devices and can be updated in Wordpress. Moreover, the website is designed with a fair amount of whitespace, giving space for the actual works and words to shine. Some of the design element is broken carrying the designer’s self meaning of intended imperfection.