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I Want Candy Experimental Typography 2009

University Assignment:
University Of Arts London
- London College Of Communication
Typography project.

This is the final piece of a project where i was required to design my own font with any material and assign an appropriate message to go with that font. I opted to go for the amazing medium of candy. I wanted to go for something original and colorful.I spent the last two weeks researching the best candy around to work with, and eating a lot of it along the way.I also shaped the font in the style of the famous Avant Garde Gothic type font(which took ages).

I Spent the whole week shaping and photographing the individual letters and finally compositing them together in PS.

Thinking about submitting this for an actual official font later to be sold,could be quite popular. Never worked so hard in such a small amount of time but it was worth it. Peace.
This is the final alphabet for the Avant Garde font made out of candy.
Some of letters were photographed under different lighting conditions.
each letter measures L27cm x W23cm
I Want Candy Experimental Typography 2009

I Want Candy Experimental Typography 2009

candy sweet experiment hand made font typography avant garde


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