Social networks tend to expand the "false self”, by encouraging us to use Apps all the time, creating self-confidence issues within many users. In this project, I chose to make a mobile web game to help people recognise their FOMO level and easily give people advice. This study is based on psychological research that people are afraid of missing. This is a social phenomenon caused by psychological problems, reflecting the current society, people's social psychology and lack of self-identity. I think it is almost impossible to quit smartphones in this information age. I want to take the viewer in the form of a web game to get a deeper understanding of the phenomenon and give them some advice on how to quit the FOMO easily. The web game is divided into two parts. The first part is the "question and answer test". In this way, people can intuitively understand their FOMO level. The second part is "result", giving professional advice more acceptable. With the design of computer web pages and mobile web pages, as a designer, I want to consider and help people quit FOMO.