Strava Peloton Concept — app + brand enhancement
Strava ( is a website that allows users to track running and cycling workouts on the web. The website allows users to socially interact by creating segments which users can ride and compare results amongst participants.
To enhance the functional nature of the website's users' interfacing activities, I propose Strava Peloton, an app which users can connect for group rides and share data with its participants, with modes and features that are useful for the club rider as well as teams in training. 
Peloton, the french word for "group", is a common reference for the name of a bunch in a cycling group. This name will delineate the product by its group and team feature set.

A proposed website functionality allows user groups to sign up for and log group rides with development and data captures supporting group activities. The group ride featureset further capitalizes on the social aspects of Strava's current direction —allowing riders to connect via route, by club, and by social network. The Strava Peloton, however allows group users to connect and share ride data in a captured environment.
Current Strava logo.
Addition of premium branding to logo and further resolution of logo's typography between the letters.
iPad app for the ADMIN/premium user. 
Current logo. 
Concept Features
ADMIN user-programmable. ADMIN can determine route, with identification of sprints, climbs and stops. Splits and location information available with internet connected devices. Provides timing, splits and deficits, hill KOM and additional ride data.

Allows current Strava users to find/join group rides
*Additional GPS devices to monitor and track added riders. Phone technology only. (Real-time results v. iPad app for the ADMIN/premium user.)
iPad and tablet applications allow browsing that allows users/ADMIN to plan, analyze and comment on user-protected rides and training data. Optimized for the iPad, the screen travels less and connects each user with the information relevant to the icons on the left. Design would keep a similar approach through each icon.
a) Introduction of icons panel on left screen: Menu and icons reduce the amount of clutter and windows; normalizes flow of different windows and reduces screen roll. Team features are emphasized while social features are still prominent.
b) Group tracking and aggregated results; A team/dedicated ride group can browse time, splits, and other ride data on one screen by toggling to the dedicated ride session screen. Teams see who was the fastest on segments and KOM features on-screen.c) Introduction of real-time map: map allows ride team to follow relative location on the map; addition of specific profile features like specific gradient within a pop-u
Specific timing on the hill and map profiles shown throughout timing on the ride.
Course information—including various points (drink breaks, sprints) shown with specific flyover capabiities for detailed ride information (i.e. who ascended the hill fastest, etc.)
(Below) Introduction of time-splits with ride times for each participant over ADMIN-determined course. Access to screen where participants can view shared information (i.e. various stats such as comuted power, HR and VAM can be set to not be shared).
Strava Peloton Concept — app + brand enhancement

Strava Peloton Concept — app + brand enhancement

A proposed website functionality allows user groups to sign up for and log group rides with development and data captures supporting group activi Read more

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