HanShuiXiGu Illustration

This mineral water product, named “HanShuiXiGu”, is from Shaanxi Province, China. The water originates from the area around Qinling Mountains located in Shaanxi. The Mountains is reputed as the historical range of Chinese civilization. It is home to the remarkable Four Treasures of Qinling Mountains, which are panda, crested ibis, golden monkey and antelope. Because of their scarcity, the Four Treasures are also renowned as national treasures of China. As the habitat of the four animals, the Qinling Mountains has proven the uniqueness and excellence of its environment and water source. We designed four package versions for this product. For each version, an animal and the product information are printed on the obverse side. On the reverse side, we combined the terrain features of Qinling Mountains with the appearance of the Four Treasures in freehand sketches to present a group of unique visual signs. These sketches are enlarged when the transparent PET bottle is filled with water. Consumers can identify every detail we designed when they pick a bottle of water so as to have a deep impression on the product. In fact, the patterns printed on the reserve side have been downsized. When the water is gone, consumers will find the patterns shrunk and deformed. What we try to say is that no matter an animal or a plant, it withers if there is no water. This reminds us to cherish and protect water, animals, plants and the environment where we are living.

iF Design Awards 2019