HEMA – alles kan met Kerst

We didn’t want to make the usual feel good Christmas commercial. There’s more to it than seeing the family and getting stuffed like a turkey. It’s a time where you can do anything and go crazy.

We took the classic Christmas products from HEMA and presented them in different light. We made a fashionable tuxedo jacket with wrapping paper and got our favorite Chihuahua a new shiny leash. We ate oliebol flavored ice cream and created the most badass Christmas mohawk ever! You see, during Christmas everything is possible.

behind the scenes

Client : HEMA
Production : Shop Around
Concept + Direction : Studio Mals
Craft : Studio Mals
D.o.P: Encrite
Edit + Post production: Bob Embregts
Grading: Studio Mals + Bob Embregts
Music: Bart van der Elst
Sounddesign : Elephant Ears

Craft assistents: 
Adrianus Kundert
Lotte Cremers

Matthias Egelkraut
Jentel Nout
Lotte Cremers
Martin van der Molen
Hector the Chihuahua

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