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Logo properties

The logo consists of several elements with a fixed relationship. The following are the elements of the Logo tag:
• Ship bictogram
• Plane window bictogram
• F+W 
All of these elements were placed in a simple pictogram format. The pictogram is placed on the right of the logo description

• The main logo consists of a logo badge and an icon.
• The main logo is the preferred logo for use.
• Please do not try to modify any part of the logo or try redesigning it.

Secondary LOGOS
Secondary logos in English
• In addition to the original SAMHAN logo, there is also a vertical secondary logo that can be used when needed.
• This logo is used if there is not enough space
• To use the master logo version or if it is used on different publications such as corporate bags.


You can use the pattern in 3 colours
• #96744f         • #415f63       • #979797

Logo Fonts

To be the basic Font of the logo is Century Gothic font and the description of the logo font  is Myriad Pro font 
• Please do not change the place of the font. 
• Please do not use any Fonts not mentioned above while maintaining the relative distance between font and icon.

Exclusion zones

• The exclusion zone (the excluded area limit around the logo is specified to ensure that the logo is prominent enough.
• The minimum area allowed for the main logo is shown here. 
• Please always allow more space if possible.

Minimum size 
( 4.9 cm × 1.13 cm )

• Minimum size refers to the smallest size that can be used to maintain identity clarity. 
• These logos can not be used below the minimum size shown here. 
• When using logos in different sizes (enlarge or decrease), 
• please make sure to keep the relationship between the logo elements constant and maintain the distances between each other.

Logo background colours

The logo in color ( #96744f    -    #47666a     -     #63888e     -      #85b2bb      -       #8fbdc7 )

• It is preferred to use the main logo or any alternative logo in full colors on a white background at all times.
• The gray logo is used if the cost of printing the logo in full color is prohibited or if the logo is requested in special applications.
• The logo should appear in white only and on the colored background in the colors of the logo.
• In some cases, with promotions or gifts, the logo may appear prominent, unmarked, or imprinted (notebook, folder ...). 
• The logo can be used on a black background


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Women t-shirt conceptions

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Freight World Logo Guide

Freight World Logo Guide

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