The program identity is based on a sequence where symbolic characters practising their “hobbies” link to one another through photographic movement. The image style has a certain “retro” treatment that also transmits modernity. The identity is completed through the warm color palette of pastel shades and shape animations where dots, stripes and “kaleidoscopes” are combined as graphic transitions. The logo design with a calligraphic typeface reinforces the idea of glamour related to the contents.
Program brand
Corporate Palette & Colors
Adapted logotype for on-air bug
Titling Sistem
Program Stills

Developed at Zeligstudio

Client: Telemadrid
Productora: El Torreón del Sol
Creative Direction: Ana Zelich
Graphic design and storyboard: Mireia Pons-Llorach, Thais Altès
Animation: Thais Altès , Ignasi Gozalo
Producción: Fabiana Andreatta
Música: Trafalgar 13