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    Tea pot and coffe pot for sharing a special moment.
Share the moment
"Caffee Latte" and "Tea 4 two"
In 2010 I spent a wonderful time atKahla Krerativ Workshop, Kahla, in Germany. Kahla Porzellan producing both traditional and modern tableware, and the company has a good repetition working with artists. I got invited to the factory and we were offered total freedoom in our work during the workshop with non-stop running kilns, all fascilities, time and space. The best condition a ceramist could wosh for.
The lovely town/village of Kahla, Thüringen, Germany.
our breakfast table (imagine for 12 person)
I got my inspiration for this project from the activities we shared with the participants of the workshop. Everyone of us is a workaholic, so the most valuable time we spent together was by the dining table, having our meals, tea, or coffee together.
We shared the space, time, the tools, materials, thoughts. A short break with a cup of coffee had a ritual meaning. I wanted to shape this meaning and make the moment even more personal and intimate.
Caffee Latte
The “Caffe Latte” pot makes the  coffee break a special moment by its usage. The pot includes the milk jar and the sugarbowl as well. It's a discussion starter, it's fun and saves time and space at the table. Also, never the less, only 1 pot to wash afterwards.
sugar                          coffee                            milk
smaller and bigger prototypes, with and without sugar bowl
Tea 4 Two
“Tea for two” teapot that serves 2 person at the same time, make the moment even more special, personal and intimate.
2 different type of tea for 2 person
on the show
peek in the process
One set of table ware contains at least 14 type of objects with different cups, pots and plates. So I started to narrow down.
in the making