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    Brand idea: The clearest online payment operator.
Payture company is a new player in a complicated and technologically advanced market of the Internet-acquiring*. The majority of brands in the category speaks but not listens: demonstrating their leadership and reliability, they rarely turn to the client and his needs. Meanwhile, the target audience of acquiring is being gradually changed – the service becomes popular not only with IT-departments of banks, but with minor Internet-shops.
To develop positioning and visual platform for the new brand. To emphasize the advantages of the company: the simplicity of integration into the services of the client, efficient support, antifraud solutions (protection form fraud). The task of the new brand is to “become friendly” in the consumer market of goods and services, to get separated from morally outdated competitors. Along with that, the brand must not be importunately friendly: Internet-acquiring is a complex of intricate technologies, though it is easily controlled.
Brand idea: The clearest online payment operator.
In the core of the corporate style and interface solutions of the service there is the idea of simplicity and functionality. The new style emphasizes: Payture means intellectual, reliable, and worked out technologies, which are easy to control. Creative resource of the name is developed in the form of the logotype.The letters in the logotype name are stylized in the manner of CAPTCHA. Payture logotype lies in the basis of the whole visual identification of the company.
Project by Plenum