Colordia : Color Schemes in Web Design 2019
Colordia : Color Schemes
in Web Design 2019

I would like to share some of web color inspirations to improve our feature project!.  Like beauty, color is subjective. What arouses a reaction in you may evoke a very different effect on someone else. At times, this is because of personal preference, and on occasion, a result of cultural background. Understanding how colors influence different people is a field some individuals build their careers on.Studying color theory is scientific, and there’s a lot to it.

When you decide on your website palette, it's important to take into account how the colors you choose represent you and your brand.

I will be glad to hear a feedback from you​​​​​​​!

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#1 Theme - Photostory
#2 Theme - Chickbake
#3 Theme - Creative Idea
#4 Theme - Skin Care
#5 Theme - Technology
#6 Theme - Burgeria
#7 Theme - Workout
#8 Theme - Dove Brand
#9 Theme - Mario
#10 Theme - BunClub
#11 Theme - Jelly Fish

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Colordia : Color Schemes in Web Design 2019

Colordia : Color Schemes in Web Design 2019

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