Founded by Pozitif in 1999 in an emerging neighbourhood in the heart of Istanbul to host the very best in progressive good music and Babylon transformed the city’s music scene and becoming the city’s hub for international and local music culture. We created a new campaign for Babylon. It's one of our most award-winning projects.  
We developed the campaign on the idea of "Babylon music opens up people". Surreal images on the key visuals represent loneliness and various states of minds that time to time we all fell into. They were exaggerated and contemporary interpretations of modern-day sentiments that everyone can easily relate to. 
The venue launched for the new season with "You open Babylon!" motto. We created a visual language enriched with music for the rest of the communication.   
The second part of the communication based on "Open yourself!" motto. We focused on the individual and social benefits of good music & Babylon. All the communication that we create embellished the industry and added value of the brand.

Client: Babylon
Agency: Monroe Creative Studio
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp 
Art Directors: Eda Gündüz, Emirhan Akyüz
Copywriter: Nur Yıldırım
Jr. Art Directors: Mahmut Kalyoncu, Benhür Uygur
Photography: Ozan Gür
DOP: Şükrü Özçelik
Account Manager: Bahan Erşen