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    LOGOFOLIO 2014
logo for a self intiated unconventional magazine (college project) , that focuses on ideas that are unusual. Link for the cover of the magazine :  http://www.behance.net/gallery/Inspire-magazine/8550097
Minimal Identity for Shimla Judiciary Academy. Stylized 'A' derived from the Judiciary collar as a symbol of lawyers.
Brand Identity for Guerrilla Ventures ; A Company  powering Startups all over India.
This is a logo done for a South africa based company ' MEERA'- a brand of basmati rice.
the company's name is inspired from "MEERABAI"- a devotee of lord Krishna WHO PLAYED SITAR.
This is a logo designed for a indian  handicraft company named "BASTI". I used the alphabet 'b'
into a stylized form of peacock as it is an epitome of beauti and craft.
In this logo, a hand is imprinted on the leaf of Bodhi Tree, the tree under which Lord Buddha
meditated.The hand denotes youth and  together it reflects the participation of  Buddhist
youth of ladakh together in various activities.  
Hand Lettered Logo  Identity for the annual cultural event at National Institute of  Fashion Technology.
The idea was to develop an identity in devnagri with a rooted feel of old gujrati scriptures.
This was the concept Indentity for a National Campaign in Gujrat.