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Diesel Open Workshop Scavolini
Diesel Open Workshop Scavolini
Modeling & Visualization: MirrorR Studio
Design: Diesel Living & Scavolini
Year: 2018

Diesel Open Workshop: the kitchen restyled with an industrial twist. Just like a workshop, the kitchen consists of several functional areas with various languages and materials.
Inspiration plays the starring role; not just in the elements which characterise the design, but in the very essence of the project: the strict alternating blocks and voids, the painstaking care for details, the pursuit of the perfect materials make this a “simple” design, yet concurrently an absolutely mesmerising vision.

The modular structures of the Steel tubes mark the rhythm of this kitchen uniquely, with a stylistic approach capable of merging and enhancing shapes, functionality, vintage spirit with contemporary styling. Impeccable care for details, which makes up the genuine personality of this kitchen, in the profiles of the handles incorporated into the door, the frame of the doors themselves and of the shelves, the feet and the corner elements, designed to lend the system a unique appearance.
Diesel Open Workshop Scavolini
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Multiple Owners
Stanislav Lukianchuk