Junction House

Slate Asset Management

Residential Real Estate

Toronto, Ontario


Interior Design

Architectural Renderings
Norm Li

Junction House is Slate Asset Management's first boutique residential project. As a global real estate investor, operator, and developer, Slate’s portfolio of assets has reached $6 billion across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

The creative strategy and brand identity was created by Vanderbrand for Junction House. The team delivered a cross-platform marketing campaign that would highlight the work of Toronto’s award-winning architectural studio, superkül. Junction House explores the rich history of the Junction neighbourhood, drawing inspiration from the art, fashion, and liveliness that knits the community together. A wealth of transit options combined with a diverse range of retail shops, restaurants, galleries, and cafés provide purchasers with a rare opportunity to live in this vibrant neighbourhood.
Field work and research in the Junction neighbourhood was an important aspect of the design process, as it allowed Vanderbrand to create a vision that was dynamic, yet unobtrusive. Implementing a minimal black and white graphic language was a strategic choice for its timeless and refined quality. To capture the vibrancy and growth of the community, klein blue was used in the marketing materials to highlight the transformative nature of this project in the eyes of future residents.​​​​​​​
The logotype is intentionally straightforward, yet confident, which allows for more modern applications of the brand. Additionally, animated assets were incorporated into the marketing campaign to increase engagement and excitement from the public.
The campaign included conceptualizing and producing a compelling promotional video to engage the public across different platforms. To inspire potential purchasers, the video was launched to highlight the liveability and qualities of the Junction neighbourhood. Vanderbrand engaged with videographer Alex Viau to create a narrative with a strong focus on three key elements — transit, lifestyle, and community.
To emphasize and showcase the boutique quality of the suites at Junction House, Vanderbrand partnered with Flash Reproductions to produce the Junction House brochure. Fine materials were used to elevate the project, resulting in a klein blue hard cover book, branded with a blind-emboss. 
The approach to the sales gallery was designed to create a layered journey from the street to the built environment indoors. At street level, the entrance to the sales gallery welcomes visitors with a floodlit white-box accented by the Junction House logo, providing further charm for onlookers. Neon letters demand attention by local traffic, illuminating the building from a distance. In collaboration with typographic artist Ben Johnston, a mural was developed on the side of the building to integrate this new residence within the community.​​​​​​​
“We wanted to create our own varietal of minimalism: a lot of people talk about Scandinavian minimalism, or Japanese minimalism, but we don’t want to do that. We wanted to do something that’s more local and contextual.” 

Brandon Donnelly of Slate Asset Management
Junction House