Mzanzi- from Xhosa, literally: south
an informal name for South Africa

Fong Kong- term originating amongst South African youth
Something that is very obviously fake, plastic, or non-believable.
Pavement Special- A dog with no discernible breed characteristics. 
Boet, China, Chom- South African terms for a male friend
Braai- South African variant of the barbecue. 
It is technically different from barbecuing in that the wood fire is fed for several hours and then allowed to burn down. The food is then cooked over the red-hot embers.
Zol- South African slang for marijuana 
Chick, Cherrie, Bokkie- South African slang terms for females
Saloon- The common mispronunciation of the word 'Salon' in South African communities
Kasi- Tsotsitaal term meaning township.
Fanagalo Zine


Fanagalo Zine

Fanagalo originated as a mixed language developed and used by the southern African mining companies, composed of frequently corrupted elements of Read More