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    My work on implementation and strategy of main social media at ASU
Social media at ASU
strategy, training, moderation, posting
From 2009 to 2010 I was a main mover of social media at Arizona State University, though by no means the only one. I was an adminstrator for the main university accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Foursquare, responsible  for writing updates, tracking responses, and adjusting updates for improved engagement.

I worked with third-party developers to set strategy for, design, develop and maintain a custom Facebook app, with its 18,000+ members. I launched ASU as the first of four pilot universities with a Foursquare account.

I also spearheaded social media coverage of Pres. Obama’s commencement visit, the Origins science symposium, Homecoming, back-to-school events and other communication campaigns. I managed real-time responses for unfolding crisis communications.

An important part of my work was trying to coordinate a social media strategy with colleagues. I co-chaired ASU’s social media strategy committee, drafting guidelines, writing best practice documentation, and identifying the best of the 200+ other ASU units with social media accounts. I worked with interactive designers to create socialmedia.asu.edu, our central aggregator of official ASU social media.

The growth experienced by the main ASU accounts in the year and a half* I served as a main admin was significant:
Twitter: 3,000-14,700, 490%
Facebook: 8,000-37,000, 462%
Foursquare: 3,500+ in first month, launched fall semester 2010

*Of course, follower count is a fairly shallow metric of social media success, but I think you can attribute most of the growth to the fact we consistently created steadily better and more user-centric content. That, and the controversies that flare up once in while and draw attention to you when you're the largest (public) university in the nation.
ASU Facebook Page (we have done groups for admitted freshmen also)
Newly launched ASU university page, in partnership with Foursquare
ASU's Facebook app, for enrolled students