"Ready Steady Cook" was a popular daytime cookery show on BBC in the UK, running for over 15 years to 2010. Licensed product had been created during this time and reflected the appearance of the TV series. In 2012, I worked with the Endemol UK Licensing team on creative direction of a new style guide and product direction to rejuvenate the range. The ambition was to enable the brand to "live" beyond the end of its broadcast life. I led direction on the project working with a small team at Lambie Nairn.
These are the icon variants I created. The team felt these were a little too simple, bordering on a retro look. However they liked the idea of simplifying the Tomato and Pepper icons that already existed, so this stage was important to sell the concept to them.
My first concept of the rebrand. We decided to use Lambie Nairn to create the main identity, which would become the centre of the new look.
Cover of the guide, showing Lambie Nairn's version of the flat graphic design. I developed the full style guide around this.
Layout of the icon page.
Layout of the spot colour logo page.
Layout of icon development page.
Above you can see the range as shown by Imperial at UK Spring Fair 2013.