Kvell Furnitures - Website
Locomotive was retained by Toronto’s FHE Group to create a digital experience for its new furniture brand, Kvell. The production of the brand’s microsite had two objectives. Creating a website experience to develop its online presence, and also creating a flexible tool to be used in presentations at trade shows where the Kvell brand was to be officially launched. Locomotive’s solution is a website both refined and scalable, like the brand, with fluid and user-friendly navigation. Its interface offers a unique experience both on traditional platforms as well as on touch screens. The integration of social media in the digital environment supports it all and widens the reach of the Kvell brand on the web.

Project Management — Geneviève Levert & Éliane Sauvé
Creative Direction & Strategy — Dust™ Leblanc & Julien Jean
Art Direction — Julien Jean 
Design — Marie-Christine Dion
Front-end Development — Antoine Boulanger 
Back-end Development — Chauncey McAskill & Dominic Lord 
Photographer — Mathieu Lévesque  
Set Design — Camille Boyer

Kvell Furnitures - Website
Multiple Owners
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