Others variants of ideas for interior
Brandster media is a design agency.
The idea of ​​this project was to create in one of the rooms of the old building a modern eco-friendly office with a peculiar style and concept.
The design of this project consists of 3 parts:
Visual appearance - exterior.
Inward extension - interior.
Branded elements with company logo.
The design concept of the exterior was the designation of the old building with a bright sign-logo, while retaining all the elements of antiquity of the exterior. The idea of ​​the interior was to create an inner world with a peculiar atmosphere, reminiscent of a small paradise for comfortable work and a pleasant after-work time. In the basis of the interior was situated a pictorial image, with an intention to breathe life into the working atmosphere. That is why there is a large amount of green everywhere, and in the center is a lemon tree - the symbol of the agency, surrounded by a fountain with water - a symbol of movement. Workplaces are presented in the form of suspended boxes to create a feeling of weightlessness, separation from the earth and a flight of fantasy. To live, to create and to move forward -are the main priorities of the agency. In the process of work there were several ideas for the interior of the office, but this option seemed to me the most extraordinary and creative. Below you have a chance to be introduced to the intermediate interior options, sketches and the progress of work.

Design & Visualization: Mikhail Sizov
Software: 3ds max I Fstorm render I Forest Pack I Adobe Photoshop 

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CGI: Brandster media