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UX/UI Art exchange App

First of all, I did the benchmark analyzing art business models and other cultural art social activities.

After the benchmark I made an inquiry to know if an app about art exchanging would be useful. To do it I ask different artist with online inquiries using google form. 

Customer Journey
After doing the benchmark I made the customer journey to understand the user process of exchanging art using post its.

User case 
I wrote user stories to know more deeply the real user drawing a storyboard 

Flow Chart
After writing the user stories I created the flowchart helps you visualize the steps a user takes to complete a task or achieve a goal on your app

Card Sorting
After doing the user case I did the card sorting to clarify the architecture of the app asking to an artist to order different concepts.

Information Architecture
After doing the card sorting I made the information architecture in order to visualize the structure of the whole app.
Tree Sorting
After doing the I.A  I did the tree sorting to validate the information architecture with real users to improve the navigation system.

After doing the information architecture I draw each interface using pen and paper to visualize the information architecture. 

After doing pen and paper interfaces I draw this low-fi interfaces on computer to see more detail in each interface. 

After drawing the paper prototypes I made the wireflow to see all the navigation system of the app using Overflow

After that I think on the identity that would have the app. For me it's was important to have a fresh and actual branding and I decided to use dark mode style to give importance to the pictures. 

UX/UI Art exchange App

UX/UI Art exchange App

UX and UI design for an app to exchange art


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