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    This project is about syrians refugees dealing with their new life in Lebano.
Across the wide Beqaa valley, dotted with shiite and christian villages, lies the sunni hamlet of Arsaal, tucked away in a fold of the mountain, like a fortress, as if seeking shelter from the wind which blows mercilessly most days of the year.
The Syrian refugees who manage to escape the violence of the Assad regime can find sanctuary here. It is one of the few sunni villages in this area and it is close to the border. But not that close. High mountains separate Syria from Lebanon, and desperate Syrians have no other option than to cross them on foot, in order to save themselves and their children.
This is the most shocking thing about war: there's no time to cry and despair, no time to let go, you just carry on like a machine, numb and stone faced by shock and pain. History teaches that in the end human beings get used to all kinds of cruelty in order to survive.
Mohamed -8 years old - He does not remember exactly when it came to Aarsal, but remember perfectly well that they reached after the father died by the Assad's army.
Samira - 5 years old - Reminds the long journey to reach Arsal
She says with a whisper she has a brother and a sister, but the mother is gone. The mother died in Syria with his other brother. Shortly after telling me this stands up and goes to a corner to cry in silence. Immediately is assisted by an educator that kisses  and reassures her. See much dignity in a child's weeping freezes my blood , these tears are adult's tears.
And looks like she couldn't afford it, even though  at nine years old  she had such  experiance as horrible  as war.  
Najad's father was a hydraulic engineer, he worked with his son in Homs while Najad  was studying pharmacy at university. Najad is beautiful and smart and now it is she who takes home the only salary working as a teacher for kids Syrian refugees.
Najad's mother. Hopes of returning to Homs are becoming increasingly mild.
Kamal - 15 years old - waiting for the distribution of vouchers Terre des Hommes.
Kamal comes from Zairs, on the outskirts of Homs, and he arrived at Aarsal four months ago, in the middle of the winter snowstorm that paralyzed the valley. Very rigid temperatures not seen for long time.
Kamal and his family have walked all the mountains that divide Syria from Lebanon.
Beirut - Siriana aspetta la consegna dei voucher UNICEF per i rifugiati siriani.
Eighteen people sharing a room that will not be bigger than twenty-five square meters.
"My husband was a fighter, and died for freedom, for our country."
"In Syria we were neighbors, each of us had his own piece of land and cultivated it, we farmers for generations."
Beirut - Terre des Hommes food's vouchers distribution. 
War is stupid and love means nothing in some strange quarters 
I saw children's eyes gleaming in the dark, and they radiated peace, and a joy that I have rarely seen and that should be theirs by right.
But the eyes of the children change after war. They are veiled by dark shadows, and restoring their light will be impossible, as they anxiously search for an answer to the inevitable question: "Why?".
These eyes pierce your heart like a dagger, and your dreams turn into nightmares with the realisation that their memories are indelible.