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    Study of life in an abstract way.
Title – Trapped (Part 1)
Thoughts behind – The dirty pale green in the outer reflects No Hope state of mind. The rough edges with pale and dirty color combos represents helplessness & the feeling of deep sadness in a trapped  life. Though the pinch of bright Red & Blue in the middle shows a little hope is still alive.
Title – Trapped (Part 2)
Thoughts behind - The white background is like a clean canvas of life to be  filled with different shades and colors of life. It can also be seen as the initial stages of one’s life where he has yet to take important decision to give directions.
The uneven lines moving from one end to another with no clear direction is the current state of the life moving from one place to another with no clear objective and goal. I have used the Red color coz, it’s attractive & bright for eyeballs (people).
And the Black spots are the hurdles in the life, forcing the life to slowdown & sometime change the direction.
Title – Trapped (Part 3)
Thoughts behind – Once again the white background represents a simple and clean life like a fresh Canvas. The Cluster of eye balls at the background represents the “Society” in large where everybody is deeply interested to know about you and your life, ups & downs, your failures & every single details about your life. This creates a tremendous pressure on  ”You” (the individual) to lead a life, full of fake happiness and fake success, a beginning of a race  to prove & justify yourself in the “Society”.  The image of an individual marked on “Red” represents his anger, his pain, his helplessness, an inside bleeding to keep himself alive.
Title – Trapped (Part 4)
Thoughts behind – The “Black” represents the difficult stages & situations in one’s life, overpowering the “Life” portrayed in “Red”.  The life is getting difficult and difficult by running on a mysterious circle of  the “Destiny”. And all the Desire, Feelings, Wants & Wishes represented in Blue, Grey, Green and Yellow are getting vanished due to “No” concrete direction.
Title – Trapped (Part 5)
Thoughts behind –  The 03 horizontal blocks represents the 03 different stages of the life. The 1st represents the childhood, 2nd the Middle and the 3rd stage represents the Moksha stage in the life wherein one completely withdraws from the world and starts dedicating to spiritual pursuits, seeking of Moksha. The 3rd stage is linked with a separate stage ( a single block at the bottom) represented the stage of withdrawing himself from the world and achieving Moksha shown in Blue.
Title –  Trapped (Part 6)
Thoughts behind – The Abstract art Trapped series represents an stage in one’s life where an individual is completely helpless and has no courage and power to fight back against the ongoing obstacles in his life. Those obstacles could be internal or external. This abstract art represents the Life struggling hard to come out but eventually fails and comes to an end. The thin lines represents various obstacles of life creating a heavy toils to trap the life within.