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Gibraltar World Music Festival - Passage to Asia
For this year again, the Gibraltar team ordered me again the poster for the festival Gibraltar World Music Festival. To that time, the Theme was 'Passage to Asia', with four differents bands from Greece, Isreal, Turkey, Iran or mixed between those countries.

And I used as well, fonts and composition of the previous edition (Sephardic Stories) which had a good feedback,edition but with differents colors.
First of all, I try to find a new theme in that theme, I made logo from the band with passeport stamps. Used passeport pattern or idea to mix with the final version.

First version with only graphic design and fonts and the passeport idea with stamps includes.
Second version after the first illustration made : darker with same colors though.
After the second illustration.
One of the latest version. Two illustrations added and 3d effects and lights on the titles. After that, the Gibraltar governement asked for a title with Gibraltar only and then World Music and Festval...
From each illustration, I made promotion stuff for the communication on the facebook page. 
Illustration made from a similar low resolution pixel for the website
For this year, the Gibraltar team order me to make their website as well. It was big challenge because they wanted to separate three sub websites in a main one. 
You can now take a look by yourself because it's online since March 2013, the developpement part was made by my partner for website creation Tatiana Pesnya
The website adress is
The main website is Gibraltar Productions, that's the home page introducing to the three sub websites. The below images are only webdesign and not screen shots, at that time, I didn't get content text yet. So please don't mind if you read Lorem Ipsum or if there are small different with the current website.
Gibraltar Productions - Home page
Gibraltar Productions - Contact us
Gibraltar Productions - Our Team
Gibraltar World Music Festival - Home page
Gibraltar World Music Festival - 2013 edition
Gibraltar World Music Festival - 2012 edition
Gibraltar World Music Festival - News
Artist Management - Home page
Gibraltar World Music Festival - News
Gibraltar World Music Festival - Our artist (only one is signed on the label, Mor Karbasi .The others artworks was used in case to show of the web design would be in future with more artist)
Artist Management - Our Artist - Mor Karbasi
Sephardic Stories - Home Page
Sephardic Stories - Philantropy
Sephardic Stories - News
Logos and identities
Below, the new logos made especially for the website and their identities. 
For Artist Management, I choosed to keep the style of their previous logo "Sephardic stories" but for the shape to mix musical shape with flower. The meaning might be mixing music and creating elegance.
For Gibraltar productions, the main identity, I choosed to stay simple. Using Trajan font between two thin lines.
For Gibraltar World Music Festival, I used the same shape and fonts as well than Sephardic Stories and Artistic Management. The first idea was a globe, the earth shape, but that was too common and maybe too much 80's style for a logo. Then, something maybe more suggestive and floral creating a world shape. Because it's a world music festival in always the same place, the meaning might be: From differents place of the world "the circles" joining to the same place (Gibraltar, the center of the circle).
Portraits of the staff
One of the last order was to make portraits of the Gibraltar team in my style. 
Gibraltar World Music Festival - Passage to Asia
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Martin Woutisseth

Gibraltar World Music Festival - Passage to Asia

Poster, website, illustration and logo for the Gibraltar World Music Festival - Passage to Asia, 2013 edition.