Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mobile Shopping
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mobile Shopping
Client: Amazon
Our team was tasked with creating two videos to show how customers can unlock special deals just by trying out some of the camera features on the mobile shopping app. One video was for Black Friday, and one for Cyber Monday. Although we had a style guide for colors, the visual treatment was fairly open ended. We wanted this to be eye catching and fun and not just a phone UI video, so we created little abstract vignettes that are representative of each of the camera search functions. Additionally, we added in some 2D cel animated flourishes, bursts and explosions for some extra energy.
Unused Early Scene
Initially we had designed a scene for the 'search by photos' function that was a little photo art gallery, however we ultimately decided to cut it to allow the timing of the video to feel less rushed. 
Vertical Versions
In addition to the two Black Friday and Cyber Monday videos, we had to create an additional vertical version for each of them for maximum media placement.

Creative Direction: David Viau
Lighting & Shading: Ian Frederick, Austin Hochstatter
Modeling: Ian Frederick
Design & Animation: Ryan EasthamIan FrederickAndrew Nam, Austin Hochstatter
2D Animation: Casey Doherty, Alex Noelke
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mobile Shopping
Multiple Owners
Ian Frederick