We had the pleasure to design a visual identification system for a mansion in Sławica near Poznań. This place is named Weranda Home. It is a residence situated in the green heart of the Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park. Here, in this special place, you can stay overnight and organize a classy event. 
The identification consists of the main logo and a set of illustrations and icons. We combined the gentle, linear forms with two main colours: warm pink and a shade of malachite with olive green. The pink colour refers to joy, beauty and pleasure. The elegant green symbolises the natural environment of Weranda Home, which is surrounded by nature. 
We were also responsible for the overall work on the web page of Weranda Home.

- branding
- stationery system
- illustrations
- website

— client :
Weranda Home
art direction, branding : hugmun.studio
photography : Kuba Szopka
photo stylist : Joanna Ziemowska
full stack developer: Amadeusz Kowal
animation : Paweł Krupski