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    Infographic for Coughtrie International on the benifits to switching to thier LED lighting.
Coughtrie International

I recently completed a placement at JamHot, a Glasgow based creative agency and I have to say it was one of the best working weeks I have ever had. Jamhot were absolutely fantastic I got some great advice from some very talented creatives.

I got to work on a wide variety of live projects for the firms various clients. It was an extremely welcoming, warm and professional environment. They obviously care very much about what they do which translates to their high quality work and they are extremely passionate at helping young creatives in the area. I really cant speak highly enough of them and their work and cant thank them enough for the opportunity to work with them
As I have stated I worked on a variety of projects. From helping re-brand websites, to photographing a networking event JamHot were hosting. I also produced the above infographic for one of their clients, Coughtrie International, a lighting firm. This infographic had two purposes, firstly to persuade firms to switch to LED lighting and secondly to highlight the brands benefits over its competitors.

As with most infographics you are given loads of data in the form of boring and confusing tables. You then have to pick out the relevant data and begin to construct a narrative. As the infographic had quite a few purposes and the data was all quite disparate I decided to split it into sections and take images associated with the data and create visual representations around them. I took images of the LEDs themselves and used the circular motif of the individual diodes to create an interesting set of images.

Both JamHot and the client liked the graphic so I feel it was a successful project. Hope you like it to.
JamHot are currently working on a brand new website to showcase thier new work. However until then you can see some of their work at http://www.thisisjamhot.com/ .